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Configuration and profiles

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  • Configuration Wizard

    Configuration Wizard

    When you launch PrusaSlicer for the first time, you’ll be greeted with a Configuration Wizard. Configuration Wizard can also be launched manually at any time from the top menu by ...

  • Preferences


    You can open the Preferences window by selecting Configuration - Preferences or by pressing Ctrl + P. The preferences are split into multiple tabs for easier discoverability. General Remember output directory On by default. ...

  • Configuration snapshots

    Configuration snapshots

    A snapshot contains complete configuration, most importantly all system and user profiles, from the point when the snapshot was taken. You can view and move back and forth between snapshots ...

  • Physical printers

    Physical printers

    PrusaSlicer used to store the printer network connection settings into the Printer profile. This became inconvenient in various scenarios (owning multiple printers that use the same profile). Starting with version ...

  • Profiles for 3rd party printers

    Profiles for 3rd party printers

    PrusaSlicer includes profiles for 3rd party vendors (e.g. Lulzbot or Creality printers). You can select which vendor profiles you wish to enable in the Configuration Wizard. We’re working with the community ...

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Still have questions?

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