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  • Insert pause or custom G-code at layer

    Insert pause or custom G-code at layer

    Insert pause at layer Inserting a pause at a certain height can be used to insert magnets, weights or nuts into your prints. When you resume the print, these inserted objects ...

  • Color change

    Color change

    PrusaSlicer lets you schedule a filament change at a certain layer. This can be used to print basic multicolored models. The printer automatically pauses the print as soon as it ...

  • Modifiers


    In some cases, you might want to change some settings just for a specific section of your model. For example, you might want part of your model to have denser ...

  • Per model settings

    Per model settings

    With PrusaSlicer, you can print multiple models at once, each with slightly different settings. For example, with different infill or layer height.  Right-click (Advanced mode) on a model and pick either: Infill Layers ...

  • Reload from disk

    Reload from disk

    This feature is great for cases, where you created a newer version of your model and you wish to replace the old version in PrusaSlicer without having to set up ...

  • Negative volume

    The negative volume lets you subtract one mesh from another. That way you can, for example, create easily resizable holes directly in PrusaSlicer. Right-click on a model and pick Negative volume from ...

  • Simplify mesh

    3D scans and sculpted models often have a huge number of triangles, making them difficult to work with. These files can slow PrusaSlicer down, take a very long time to ...

  • Post-processing scripts

    There are some things that PrusaSlicer simply doesn’t do. However, using post-processing scripts you can automatically modify the generated G-code to do (almost) anything you want. You can specify the path ...

  • G-code substitutions

    This feature will be available in PrusaSlicer 2.4.1 PrusaSlicer offers simple G-Code post-processing by specifying find and replace pairs, with optional regex matching, case sensitivity and whole word matching, similar to ...

  • Shape Gallery

    The built-in shape gallery provides a quick and easy way to access your most used models, whether you use them as modifiers or to be placed on the platter and ...

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Still have questions?

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