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  • Sending files to Octoprint/Duet

    Sending files to Octoprint/Duet

    If you’re using Octoprint or Duet, you can send G-codes to your printer directly from PrusaSlicer. Upload list will be visible at Printer Settings - General - Print Host upload.  API ...

  • Macros


    Macros allow you to create conditions and evaluate math equations in the Custom G-code fields. PrusaSlicer macro language is not compatible with Slic3r conditional expressions. Constructs Conditional evaluation {if <condition_1>}<GCode_condition_1>[][{else}<GCode_else>]{endif} Expr ...

  • PrusaSlicer G-code viewer

    PrusaSlicer G-code viewer

    Standalone PrusaSlicer G-code Viewer is a lightweight application, which you can use to quickly preview G-codes from all popular slicers. Its behavior is identical to the preview in PrusaSlicer (the same ...

  • 3Dconnexion devices

    3Dconnexion devices

    It seems that the latest 3DConnexion driver delivers a configuration file, which is no longer compatible with the 3DConnexion driver binary. We have reported this bug to 3DConnexion. If your 3DConnexion ...

  • List of placeholders

    This is a list of variables available in custom G-Code macro language in PrusaSlicer. The macro language is described in detail in a separate page. Placeholders for configuration options Each configuration option ...

  • Export toolpaths as OBJ

    Export toolpaths as OBJ

    Exporting the sliced model as OBJ can be useful if you’re familiar with a 3D modeling and rendering program. When you slice a model, you can choose File - Export ...

  • How to lift object from the print bed

    By default, PrusaSlicer places the bottom-most point of each object on the build plate. In the vast majority of cases, this saves the user time and prevents possible failed prints, where ...

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Still have questions?

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