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  • Prusa-specific G-codes

    Prusa-specific G-codes

    This is a list of currently implemented G Codes in Prusa firmware as of 7th of May 2021. The description is only for Prusa Research-specific G-codes. The rest can be ...

  • Steel sheet profiles

    Steel sheet profiles

    The Magnetic heatbed enables you to use flexible, removable steel sheets. There are different properties and strengths of each sheet, but they also have different thickness which affects calibration. For more ...

  • Flexible steel sheets (guidepost)

    Flexible steel sheets (guidepost)

    The Original Prusa magnetic heatbed is designed to hold a removable double-sided flexible spring-steel sheet, designed specifically for easy removal of printed objects from the print surface. We offer 3 different ...

  • Pronterface and USB cable

    Pronterface and USB cable

    Pronterface is an application where you can monitor and send commands to your printer. It is also possible to use it to start prints over USB, however, performance may vary. ...

  • Prusa Connect Local (MINI)

    Prusa Connect Local (MINI)

    Starting the firmware 4.0.5, you can monitor your Original Prusa MINI over your local network via the web interface called Prusa Connect Local. Prusa Connect Local is still in development ...

  • Crash detection

    Crash detection

    Trinamic drivers on the EINSY board can detect skipped steps and prevent layer shifting caused by a nozzle crash. It works only in the Normal mode (not in the Stealth ...

  • Power-modes


    Prusa printers are well known for being very silent, even in the standard mode. But actually, our printers also offer an option for even quieter operation. In the instructions below ...

  • Filament sensor MK3 (non-S)

    Filament sensor MK3 (non-S)

    The optical filament sensor detects the presence of a filament and also its movement. Make sure you are running the latest firmware since new versions offer a higher-frequency sensing algorithm ...

  • Resin Calibration (SL1/SL1S)

    Resin Calibration (SL1/SL1S)

    Both Original Prusa SL1 and SL1S SPEED have a growing library of resin print profiles in the PrusaSlicer, which were tested and verified by Prusa Research. However, the printers are ...

  • Power Panic

    Power Panic

    The printer can fully recover from a complete loss of power without the need for batteries or a UPS. A special sensor detects mains voltage, and in case of an ...

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Still have questions?

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