SL1 print quality troubleshooting

Updated 8 months ago ​by Martin Lexa

When using the MSLA printing technology, as well as any other, you may encounter some print quality issues. We have assembled a list of the most common issues related to 3D printing and we’re offering some solutions that we have tested.

This includes instructions for software settings and even best practices for specific prints and materials, where applicable. Hopefully, this guide will save you hours of frustration :)

Removing an object stuck to the bottom of the tank

First layer of resin doesn't stick

Missing parts of the print

Missing details

Print detached from supports

Broken supports

Skewed / Deformed print

Resin does not harden

Layers are too visible

Delamination or separated layers

Warped layers

Large holes in printed objects

Small scrathes or bubbles in the print

Loud noises from the printer

Print breaking away from the platform


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