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Each Original Prusa printer is shipped with a bundle of sample G-codes. These G-codes are tested and tailored specifically for your printer model and can be used either to see the printer capabilities or for troubleshooting.

Find your printer in the table and download the zip archive. Both the model geometry (.stl/.3mf) and the presliced version (.gcode) are included.

Printer modelPrinter type3D modelsG-codes
Original Prusa MK4/MK3.9FFFlinklink*
Original Prusa MK3.5FFFTBATBA
Original Prusa MK3S+FFFlinklink
Original Prusa MK3SFFFlinklink
Original Prusa MK3FFFlinklink
Original Prusa MK2.5SFFFTBATBA
Original Prusa MK2.5FFFTBATBA
Original Prusa MINI+FFFlinklink
Original Prusa MINIFFFlinklink
Original Prusa XL 1TFFFlinklink
Original Prusa XL 2TFFFlinklink
Original Prusa XL 5TFFFlinklink
Original Prusa MMU3FFFlinklink
Original Prusa MMU2S & MK3S/+FFFlinklink
Original Prusa MMU2S & MK2.5SFFFlinklink
Original Prusa MMU2 & MK3FFFlinklink
Original Prusa MMU2 & MK2.5FFFlinklink
Original Prusa MMU1 & MK2FFFlinklink
Original Prusa SL1SMSLAlinklink
Original Prusa SL1MSLAlinklink

*The archive includes G-codes for both MK4 and MK3.9 printers. G-codes are sliced for Input Shaper and older non-Input Shaper firmware. To print the Input Shaper G-codes, please make sure your printer is running firmware 5.0.0 or newer.

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