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Printer description

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  • Einsy RAMBo electronics wiring (MK3/MK3S/MK3S+)

    Einsy RAMBo electronics wiring (MK3/MK3S/MK3S+)

    With our Original Prusa i3 MK3, we have introduced a logic board called Einsy RAMBo. It works on 24V and uses Trinamic drivers for motors, allowing for super silent printing ...

  • Flashing custom firmware MINI

    Flashing custom firmware MINI

    Every firmware version goes through intense testing to verify that every single feature works as it should. That applies especially to the safety features: for example, if the thermistor readings are ...

  • 360 viewer

    360 viewer

    The 360 Viewer is a virtual tool you can use to inspect all parts of the Prusa printers. Rotate, zoom, hide layers, explode the model, and click on individual objects ...

  • Mini RAMBo electronics wiring (MK2S, MK2.5, MK2.5S)

    Mini RAMBo electronics wiring (MK2S, MK2.5, MK2.5S)

    Written as Mini-RAMBo, Mini Rambo, or Rambo mini, the logic board used in the Original Prusa MK2 series is very simple. Please refer to the image below regarding wire colors and ...

  • LCD menu (Original Prusa i3)

    LCD menu (Original Prusa i3)

    This article describes the menu introduced with firmware 3.13.0 for the Original Prusa i3 MK3S. Controlling the LCD screen is done by a single control element: a rotational knob that you ...

  • Spool placement

    Spool placement

    Where your spools are located can make the difference between trouble and smooth operation of the printer. It is also often desirable to reduce the footprint of the printer as ...

  • Combining materials (XL)

    Combining materials (XL)

    On the Original Prusa XL multi-tool, it is possible to combine different materials within the same print. The following aspects and considerations have to be kept in mind for a ...

  • Experimental menu (MK3/S/+)

    Experimental menu (MK3/S/+)

    The components installed on your printer rely on firmware configuration. To facilitate the use of components sourced from third-party vendors, firmware version 3.9.1 introduced an "Experimental menu". Because different hardware ...

  • USB not detected (MINI/MINI+)

    The Original Prusa MINI uses USB flash storage to read G-codes during printing. It can happen that the USB drive is not recognized when inserted and the display will say ...

  • xBuddy and LoveBoard electronics wiring (MK4)

    xBuddy and LoveBoard electronics wiring (MK4)

    The Original Prusa MK4 is equipped with two proprietary boards: the xBuddy and the LoveBoard. The two are connected by a main cable. When replacing a part in the extruder, ...

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Still have questions?

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