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We are providing full 24/7 customer support via live chat and e-mail. Our support is available in Czech, English, Spanish, Italian, French, German and Polish languages.

Official Prusa support


Even though we try to make 3D printing as easy to understand as possible, you still might encounter some problems, as it is still a quite complex technology. For this reason, we have a support team always available to help you out at any given time.

How can you contact us? 
  1. Live Chat - You can contact our 24/7 Live chat. Live chat can be found at our e-shop in the lower right corner.
  2. Email - You can also contact us through e-mail
We can help you out with: 
  • Ordering any of our products through our e-shop
  • Pre-sale support & learning more about our products
  • Checking your pending order
  • Assembly and calibration of your newly purchased printer
  • Solving printing problems
Our support is built on friendly yet professional communication. You can ask us anything you want to know. 


This is where you are right now! In our knowledgebase, you can find solutions to most common problems, plus information about our printer's error messages and much more! We also offer tips on how to improve the general experience with our 3D printers.

You can either search topics using the search field or you can go through our 6 main categories.

  1. Electronics & Hardware - for articles containing information about our electronics & hardware
  2. Printing - for articles about common printing errors, slicing, model preparation and printing in general
  3. Calibration & Error messages - for articles which cover calibration & self-test
  4. Firmware & Software - for articles about firmware & software errors as well as information about firmware features 
  5. Maintenance - for articles which cover standard maintenance or more serious repairs
  6. Our e-shop - for information about purchasing, shipment, warranty and our support
Prusa 3D 

Prusa is our main website, where you can find an overview of everything we do. It also contains the following sections:

3D Printing handbook and Assembly manuals

Assembly and printing documentation is available in Czech, English, Spanish, Italian, French, German and Polish.

To download the handbook, visit drivers and manual page. For assembly manuals, go to These sections are updated regularly, so it's always better to use online documentation to get the latest and most up-to-date guides. is our company blog where our editors publish articles about the development of our printers, latest information about Prusa Research and informative texts about our 3D printers or 3D printing in general.


We strongly suggest visiting our official forum at, where you can find plenty of tips, pieces of advice, and hints, in addition to up-to-date information about the Original Prusa i3 printer development. 

To create an account on our forum, you need to go to our e-shop first and create an account there. A forum account with the same login credentials will be automatically created. However, any changes made in any of the two profiles won't be reflected in the other one. Please keep that in mind while changing your profile details, such as the password. 

Unofficial "support"

There are plenty of unofficial places where you can find great tips for 3D printing. The community around 3D printing is growing every month and the atmosphere is usually very friendly.

We suggest checking out at least some of these.

Our tips for great content: Youtube channels - 3D Printing Nerd, Thomas Sanladerer, Maker's Muse. Websites - all3dp, makezine (also known as MAKE).
Keep in mind that content found outside of our official support pages or forums is not under our control.

    Do not hesitate to contact us at if you would have any further questions.

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