Firmware upgrade and flashing

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Having the latest firmware in your printer insures that you are getting the most out of it.  In order to keep you updated about our latest firmware. You can check on where you can find latest official releases. 

You can check out your current firmware version in your LCD menu - support - Firmware [version]. G-codes generated by Slic3r/ Prusacontrol will notify you about new firmware updates automatically before the print starts. 

Firmware updating 

In order to update your firmware version. Follow these simple steps and you shall have no problems in doing so.

  1. First you must make sure that you got the latest driver package (which contains Firmware Updater). 

    You can download our drivers from this link at our main page.

  2. After doing so. You must download zip which contains proper firmware version you want to download. Double check that you are downloading firmware for your printer (MK2, MK2 with Multimaterial or MK3).

  3. In the 3rd step you will just unzip the file containing the firmware downloaded from the driver page. It is absolutely crucial to choose the proper .hex for your printer. All of the MK2 owners will be using the 1_75mm_MK2-RAMBo13a-E3Dv6full.hex. Misplacing the hex would compromise the update process. 

    *1_75mm_MK2-RAMBo10a-E3Dv6full.hex is used only for users with older miniRAMBo board version 10a

  4. Last step is upgrading the firmware through the updater app. Just connect your printer to your computer. Run the Updater app, choose proper .hex & serial port. Hit the update button and wait till the process is fully finished. 

  5. Everything shall be done now. Happy printing! 

If you encounter any Firmware updating or flashing problems. Check out our article where we describe the most common ones with troubleshooting tips at Firmware upgrade and flashing.

Do not hesitate to contact us at if you would have any following questions.

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