1st layer calibration (Live Z adjust)

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The Live Z Adjust is feature with which you can easily make corrections to the 1st three layers of your prints. This way you are able to achieve perfect 1st layer. 

The first calibration process is well described in our GUIDE FOR A NEW USER

How to use Live Z adjust 

It is a lot easier than it sound. Live Z adjust is done only in 3 possible occasions. 

  1. With freshly assembled printer you must do your Live Z at least once. Other wise your printer will not maintain the Live Z value.
  2. Moving onto different kind of material. As PLA/PET and ABS stick differently to the Heated bed. It is sometimes needed to tweak your Live Z during swaps of filament kinds. 
  3. Change of location and most of the maintenance done to the Extruder or main body of your printer. 

Firmware version 3.1.0. and newer

Live Z is done really simply. Just go LCD - Calibration - First layer cal. You are then asked if you got PLA loaded in. Once you select [yes] your printer will automatically preheat for PLA.  Shortly after that printer will start printing the calibration file. During this process slowly lower the Live Z value until your 1st layer sticks perfectly to the Heated bed. You can find more about Live Z in our 3D Printing handbook. 

Firmware versions till 3.0.12. 
Older FW versions did not have this process integrated. So you must do it manually.  Just go LCD - SD card - V2 calibration print. Then during the print press the Knob and slowly lower the value. Once going to the negative values, your nozzle is getting closer to the heated bed. Keep lowering the Live Z until your prints are sticking nicely. You can find more about Live Z in our 3D Printing handbook. 

Just to make it clear. Here is short video how the Live Z adjust works

  1. Negative values lower the nozzle closer to the bed.
  2. Keep doing that until your 1st layer is sticking to the bed perfectly.
  3. Make sure that your 1st layer is not too squished or too high. 

  4. *Values used in this video or only for a reference. It will differ on your printer*.

In case of any troubles, follow the instructions bellow. 

Live Z adjust not saving 

Most likely this problem is occurring due to the fact that you have skipped a step in the calibration flow. Printer would then display:

"Distance between tip of the nozzle and the bed surface has not been set yet. Please follow the manual, chapter First steps, section First layer calibration." 

Unless you finish the calibration process. Your printer will not be able to store its Live Z data. Therefor please make sure that calibration flow was followed precisely and finished entirely. 

Shortcut steps once your printer is assembled:

  1. Run "Self Test"
  2. Run Calibrate XYZ
  3. FW version 3.1.0. and newer: simply go to the LCD - Calibration - First layer cal. and launch the 1st layer calibration from there. 
  4. For FW versions till 3.0.12: Print "V2Calibration.gcode" !Needs to be finished at least once - after that you can make additional changes during start of your prints.! 
    1. If you do not run the "V2Calibration.gcode" the Live Z Adjust value will not be stored during after your prints.
    2. If you purchased a fully assembled kit and having similar issues, it's best to run through the same steps as above for the kit version.
    3. If the above does not solve the issue, please follow the instructions for a full factory reset and re-run the above steps.

Do not hesitate to contact us at info@prusa3d.com if you would have any following questions.

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