Filament Not Loading

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If you are having trouble with loading filament in your hot end, try the following steps to troubleshoot. If you can confirm that the filament is feeding properly into the hot end but nothing is extruding at all, please check out our troubleshooting tips for Clogged nozzle instead.

The most common issue why the filament does not load in properly is improper preparation: 

Ideal preparation checklist:

  1. Cut the tip of the filament in 45 degree angle 

  2. Filament goes straight around the pulley into the PTFE tube - !If it is bent slightly it may go around!
  3. Make sure that there are as little deformations as possible. Usually once you store the filament it may get bent a little.
  4. !Propper temperature during loading in - best is to wait till set temperature is fully met otherwise you may clog your nozzle!

Mechanical problem:

  1. Loose pulley: ensure that the set screw of the extruder drive gear is secured against the flat of the extruder motor shaft.
  2. Gummed up teeth: the extruder gear has teeth on it which bite into the filament, ensure that the teeth are clean and clear of any plastic.
  3. Extruder gear misalignment: the filament has to travel in a very specific path, any sort of deviation will create friction and cause the extruder to either misdirect the filament or be unable to feed it properly. Visually check to see that the groove of the extruder gear passes directly inline with the top of the hot end PTFE tubing.

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