Print fan is not spinning

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Before we start checking your Print fan, power down and unplug your USB cable if connected. Open the electronics covering and examine the MK2/MK2S miniRAMBo electronics wiring or MK3 EINSY miniRAMBo electronics wiring.

Make sure that the fan is:

  1. Plugged into the right location 
  2. Plugged in with the proper connector orientation
  3. Plugged in completely and making good electric contact

You can easily test the print fan function from the LCD menu Settings - Temperature - Fan speed. Always test with at-least 50% power. When you select the speed, confirm by pressing the knob.

If the fan doesn't spin up, you can unplug it from the electronics board and test it with the 12V DC (MK2/S) or 5V DC (MK3) power source. If the fan spins up with an external power source, check all the electronics wiring in MK2/MK2S Electronics Wiring or MK3 EINSY miniRAMBo electronics wiring and potentially fuses in Blown Fuse (miniRAMBO).
If the fan does spin up, make sure that you have your Slic3r settings set up properly. These are our PLA settings.

When the print fan should actually spin up

Print fan is never used during the first layer of any material. From second layer up, it depends on the material profile selected in the slicing software. For example with PLA, print fan is running at 100% all the time until the print finishes. For ABS, the fan is turned off by default in our print settings.

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