Steel sheets - removing printed objects & maintenance

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The MK52 heatbed has embedded high curie temperature magnets. These magnets are able to firmly hold removable spring steel sheets. There are two pins at the end of the heatbed that will align perfectly with cut out slots in the spring steel sheets. Make sure the bed is clean and there isn’t any debris on it before you put on the steel sheet

Align pins for the steel sheet on the heated bed
Never print directly on the heatbed.

How to remove printed objects 

  1. Await until the steel sheet cools down.
  2. Take it off and bend it inwards or outwards - depending on the size and quantity of printed object/s. 
  3. Do so until you can easily remove the printed object/s.
  4. For very thin models, you can still use a spatula.


Currently, there is no difference between the Original i3 MK2/S PEI and the PEI on the removable steel sheet. So please visit PEI print surface preparation for information about preparation before printing and Increasing PEI adhesion if you want to know how to increase your the PEI adhesion.

Bubbles underneath the PEI

Over time you might see small bubbles underneath the PEI. It is nothing to worry about. It does not affect printing quality and they shall disappear over time. Here are 2 tips which shall make them disappear faster:

  1. Swap the side of the steel sheet you were printing on. This will speed up the "recovery" of the PEI surface. 
  2. Bubbles usually appear around the spot you print the most. So, try to print around the whole surface of the heated bed and not just at one spot.

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