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One of the best parts about getting your very first 3D printer is the assembly. It may be a lengthy process, yet it is perfect way how to truly get to know your machine. Not only that, but it is still a great fun to put one together. 

The whole process should take you roughly between 8 - 12 hours (for the printer assembly). However it is no race, so take your time and enjoy the assembly! 

Our manuals 

  1. Each kit or printer upgrade receives printed assembly manual. Yet if you want to have the photos at full resolution, you can still visit our online manuals. Simply choose the language and product you are assembling. Pay attention to your printer version (e.g. MK2 assembly differs to the MK2S one).
  2. Localisation. Our manuals are written in English, Czech, Spanish, Italian, German, French and Polish. 

  3. We try to make our manuals as easy to understand as possible, so that truly everyone shall be able to put the printer together with ease. However, if you struggle at any chapter, do not hesitate to contact our support at

Common assembly errors 

  1. Do not rush the assembly as rushing the assembly usually cases simple mistakes which take even more time to reverse.
  2. Once you see anything labeled in REDAlways double check that you followed these instructions properly. These are usually the most crucial steps in the whole assembly. Not following them might cause future problems, delays and in the worst conditions even damages to the product.

  3. You can always check your assembly at the preflight chapter at the end. In there we showcase easy steps how to check common errors. The rest is checked via. Self-test in the calibration. 

How hard can it be?

  1. The whole assembly should not be that hard if you follow the manual precisely. 
  2. Each chapter is labeled with a level of difficulty. That should give you an image of what is in front of you.

  3. You can do it! Even gummy bears were able to do so. :)

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