Nozzle fan/ Hotend fan not spinning (MK2)

Updated 4 months ago ​by Tomáš Chvalina

First procedure in the Self-test routine is checking of both of your fans. Which are located on your Extruder

Hotend fan - the small one located on the left of the Extruder
Nozzle/ Print fan - located on the front of your Extruder

How to proceed?

Once you start the routine. You will be asked on the screen to check if Hotend/ Nozzle fan is spinning. If it is spinning then simply press the knob and continue the routine.

If one of the does not spin. Then please double check your MK2/MK2S Electronics wiring!Connector must have proper contact with the miniRAMBO pins!

**Sometimes, people can not quite wait till they finish this whole pre-printing process. And they just press the Knob button a little too fast. As the the 1st answer to "Spinning?" is "No". Then if you press it a little too fast. It would stop your Self-test routine as Failed - so please try to re-run the whole Self-test at least once and wait until LCD displays the text**

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