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MAXTEMP means, that maximal temperature threshold was reached. That is 310°C with E3D V6 Full hotend which is used on Original Prusa i3 MK2/S/.5 and MK3. The printer will shut down the heaters to prevent damage and will not allow you to print until the issue is resolved.

Indication MAXTEMP is shown on the screen and one of the temperature readouts shows unusually high temperature.


  1. A damaged thermistor cable, which might trigger the MAXTEMP. Look for any overtightened zip-ties around the cables leading to the miniRAMBo or EINSY RAMBo board.
  2. The printer heats up uncontrollably when first powered after the assembly triggering the MAXTEMP. !Turn off the printer and double check your electronics assembly!MK2/MK2S Electronics Wiring or MK3 EINSY miniRAMBo electronics wiring
  3. Occasional glitch - sometimes the heater can be tricked to overcompensate by a blast of colder air, when suddenly removed it can cause the heater to spike over the temperature, so simply try to start the print over again - stay with the printer during this print just to make sure that everything goes well.

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