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Manual changelog SL1

Manual changelog SL1
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Last updated 8 months ago
Manual changelog SL1
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Versions history
Versions history
Versions of the SL1 manual:
07/2019 - Initial version 1.00
08/2019 - Updated to version 1.01
10/2019 - Updated to version 1.02
マニュアルの変更点 (1)
マニュアルの変更点 (1)
マニュアルの変更点 (1)
マニュアルの変更点 (1)
08/2019 - 2. Base & Tower
Assembly procedure of the reflector adjusted for easier installation.
New blower fan holder added. The assembly procedure adjusted accordingly.
08/2019 - 4. Electronics & Lid
A new cable for powering the UV LED added, same properties as the old version, just different manufacturing method.
Removal of the protective film from the reflector moved just before the print display installation.
Manual version 1.01
マニュアルの変更点 (2)
マニュアルの変更点 (2)
マニュアルの変更点 (2)
マニュアルの変更点 (2)
09/2019 - 2. Base & Tower
New M4w washer added to further improve the grounding between the parts.
New revision of the Optical IR-sensor introduced. Functionality is the same. The assembly procedure remains the same as well.
New revision of the Connecting rod introduced. The difference in the manufacturing process, assembly is the same.
Added instructions regarding ESD safety to protect the electronics.
Manual version 1.02
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