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Last updated 3 years ago
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We have tested hundreds of resins before we released the SL1, and still are trying out different types, colors and brands. The table below is extracted from PrusaSlicer, per January 2020. Updates will happen, both regarding exposure-times and the resins, so the best way to check is to download PrusaSlicer and check what is available there as presets.

All resins will work with 0.05mm layer-height. Not all will work with lower layer-heights like 0.025 - 0.01mm.
Exposure-times are developed around the Original Prusa SL1, and might not work on other machines.

Exposure-time (Seconds)

Initial exposure-time(Sec.)

3DM-Vulcan Gold1230
BlueCast Phrozen Wax1550
BlueCast EcoGray640
BlueCast Kera Master Dental645
BlueCast X104100
Esun Bio-Photopolymer Resin White530
Esun Standard Resin Black630
Photocentric Ash Grey930
Resinworks 3D Violet1530
Resinworks 3D Green1730
Prusa Azure Blue Tough735
Prusa Maroon Tough635
Prusa Pink Tough735
Prusa White Tough6.535
Prusa Transparent Tough615
Prusa Green Dental Casting1240
Prusa Transparent Green Tough535
Prusa Clear ABS like630
Prusa ABS like White630
Prusa Grey High Tenacity530
Prusa Magenta Super Low Odor535
Prusa Yellow Super Low Odor535
Prusa Orange-Yellow Teeth Model530
Asiga Denta Model 0.051530
Ameralabs AMD 3 LED 0.05530
BlueCast EcoGray 0.05735
BlueCast Kera Master Dental 0.05750
BlueCast LCD-DLP Original 0.051060
BlueCast Phrozen Wax 0.051650
BlueCast S+ 0.05945
BlueCast X5 0.059100
BlueCast X10 0.056100
BlueCast 23LS 0.05850
Monocure 3D Black Rapid Resin 0.05640
Monocure 3D Blue Rapid Resin 0.05740
Monocure 3D Clear Rapid Resin 0.05840
Monocure 3D Grey Rapid Resin 0.051030
Monocure 3D White Rapid Resin 0.05740
3DM-HTR140 (high temperature) 0.051245
Esun Bio-Photopolymer Resin White 0.05830
Esun Standard Resin Black 0.05730
3DM-ABS 0.051325
3DM-BLACK 0.052040
3DM-DENT 0.05745
3DM-HR Green 0.051540
3DM-HR Red Wine 0.05935
3DM-XPRO White 0.05935
3DM-Vulcan Gold 0.051530
FTD Ash Grey 0.05940
Harz Labs Model Resin Cherry 0.05845
Resinworks 3D Violet 0.051730
Resinworks 3D Green 0.052135
Photocentric Hard Grey 0.051530
Photocentric Ash Grey 0.051030
Prusa Beige Super Low Odor 0.057.535
Prusa Magenta Super Low Odor 0.05635
Prusa Black High Tenacity 0.05735
Prusa Orange-Yellow Teeth Model 0.05730
Prusa Green Dental Casting 0.051350
Prusa Yellow Solid 0.05735
Prusa White Tough 0.057.535
Prusa Transparent Green Tough 0.05635
Prusa Transparent Red Tough 0.05635
Prusa Maroon Tough 0.057.535
Prusa Pink Tough 0.05835
Prusa Azure Blue Tough 0.05835
Prusa Transparent Tough 0.05715
Prusa Yellow Flexible 0.05935
Prusa Clear Flexible 0.05515
Prusa White Flexible 0.0535 
Prusa Blue Flexible 0.05515
Prusa Black Flexible 0.05935
Prusa Red Flexible 0.05935
Prusa Clear ABS like 0.05830
Prusa ABS like White 0.05830
Prusa Yellow Jewelry Casting 0.051345
Prusa Grey High Tenacity 0.05730
BlueCast EcoGray 0.11035
BlueCast Kera Master Dental 0.11350
Prusa Pink Tough 0.11345
Prusa Azure Blue Tough 0.11345
Prusa Maroon Tough 0.11345
Prusa White Tough 0.11345
Prusa Transparent Tough 0.1835
Prusa Transparent Green Tough 0.1735

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