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Homing error Y #17305 (XL)

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What happened?

The printer displays the message "Failed to home the Y-axis, make sure there is no obstacle on X-axis or Y-axis."

Error name: Homing error Y

Error code: #17305

The error is most likely caused by a bad movement of the tool head along the Y-axis. 

How to fix it?

Make sure the Y-axis can move correctly

Make sure there are no obstructions in the path of the Y-axis. For example, there might be a piece of filament stuck around the belt, or on a linear rail, from a previous print. 

Check the tension of your belts

The Original Prusa XL geometry is CoreXY: it has one belt for both X and Y axes. 

Attach the belt tensioner on the top belt on the X-axis, and check where the pointer is. Repeat the test for the bottom belt on the X-axis. The ideal position of the pointer is in the center area of the belt tensioner, closer to the max mark. In case there is any difference between the two results, or the pointer on the belt tensioner is not in its ideal position, adjust your belt to the optimal tension


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