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Introduced in the firmware version 3.8.0, there is a new section in the Settings menu, called “HW setup”. It allows you to create up to 8 specialized profiles for different steel sheets and material combinations and to switch between them easily. Besides that, you can set the following:

  • Nozzle diameter
  • Checks for Nozzle, Model, and Firmware

How does it work

To access these settings, please go to the LCD Menu -> Settings -> HW setup
Nozzle diameter setup

By default, all Original Prusa printers are shipped with the 0.4 mm nozzle. In case you change the nozzle, you can set the correct diameter. The printer will then compare the stored value of the nozzle diameter with parameters saved by our Prusa Slicer in the G-code. If there is a mismatch, the printer is able to inform you ant thus prevent a print failure.

This article will tell you more about different nozzles.
Preliminary checks

Besides checking the nozzle diameter, the printer is now able to check other parameters in order to warn you about incompatible settings. Before a print starts, the printer will compare parameters stored in the memory with the G-code.

In the sub-menu called Checks, users can set three levels of warnings for each controlled parameter:

  • [none] - checking is turned off, the user won't receive any notification
  • [warn] - a warning message will be displayed on the screen, then the user can continue with the print
  • [strict] - a warning message will be displayed on the screen, the user can't continue until he fixes the issue, print is aborted


Find out more troubleshooting tips here: Community Forum | Assembly Manuals | Youtube channel | info@prusa3d.com

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