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When printing large objects, you can sometimes run into an issue with the corners of the object being lifted from the bed – mostly when printing with ABS. Why is that happening? It’s usually a result of a sudden temperature difference between the melting temperature of the nozzle and the ambient temperature. When this happens, the plastic might shrink and warp.


  1. Ambient temperature – Try to maintain stable ambient temperature. An open window or an AC unit nearby the printer will increase the occurrence of warps. If you print with ABS most of the time, you should consider building an enclosure. A complete guide on how to build one can be found in one of our previous articles How to build a simple, cheap enclosure for your 3D printer?
  2. Use the brim – Brim is a good way how to increase the adhesion to the print surface. You can enable this feature in the PrusaSlicer in the Plater window.
  3. Keep the surface free of grease – Before starting any of your prints using ABS, PLA and many other materials, simply wipe the print surface clean with IPA 90%+PETG is an exception, so do not use IPA 90%+ when you are printing with this material. A complete guide on how to prepare the print surface can be found at PEI print surface preparation.


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