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The MAXTEMP error occurs when at least one of the temperature readouts of the hotend or the heatbed is higher than 310°C. It is a safety feature which prevents the printer from overheating uncontrollably.


  1. A damaged thermistor cable may trigger the MAXTEMP error. Look for any overtightened zip-ties around the cables leading to the electronics board.
  2. If the printer heats up uncontrollably when first powered up after the assembly, and the MAXTEMP error is triggered, turn off the printer immediately and double check your electronics assembly! Please refer to the following guides: MK2/MK2S Electronics Wiring or MK3 EINSY miniRAMBo electronics wiring
  3. An occasional glitch - sometimes the heater can be tricked into overcompensating by a sudden blast of colder air. If this occurs, the heater can spike over the recommended temperature and trigger the error. Simply start the process again and monitor the printer just to make sure that everything goes well.


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