Crash detection

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Trinamic drivers on the EINSY board can detect skipped steps and prevent layer shifting caused by a nozzle crash. It works only in the Normal mode (not in the Stealth mode). The thresholds for crash detection are set for higher speeds because layer shifting usually happens when the extruder moves quickly between objects and hits a piece of a curled up print. 

If you want to test the power panic feature, check out MK3 safety features - how to test them.
Crash detection doesn’t work if you push the extruder in the direction of its movement. That’s not a real-world scenario and it usually never happens during printing.

Crash detection does not work

When you find out that the crash detection does not work, it is most likely going to be a hardware problem within the printer, which is quite easy to fix. Simply follow these instructions:

  1. Make sure that the printer is running in the Normal mode. The current mode can be checked in the  LCD Menu - Settings - Mode [Stealth/ Normal]. 
  2. Make sure that your printer's belts and pulleys are properly tightened. Otherwise, the belts can jump over the pulleys or the pulleys can spin around the motor shaft. These issues can prevent the printer from identifying crashes correctly.

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