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Shipping information

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Original Prusa MK4

Assembled printers and printer kits are IN STOCK! 

Original Prusa XL

Lead time for all printer variants is now 10-12 weeks.

The XL was switched from a preorder product to a regular product on March 1st, 2024. We no longer add pre-order gifts to orders placed after this date.

All preorders created before March 1st, 2024, are ready to be completed. Just sign in to your account, select the shipping method, and complete the payment. You can also change the variant of XL and/or add more products to the order. Your printer will be placed in the shipping queue based on the payment date. However, you will still get the two extra pre-order gifts as compensation for the delay: an extra print sheet and the Nextruder adapter for third-party nozzles. 

Original Prusa MMU3

MMU3 for the MK4 / MMU2->MMU3 upgrade kits for MK4 info below:

Update 26th January: Both internal and external tests with PLA are overwhelmingly positive. We have spent the last couple of weeks fine-tuning PETG, and we are also getting good results. These are the two materials the MMU3 will officially support. If you need to print other polymers, it is likely possible, but we want to clearly state that only PLA and PETG are the materials we have extensively tested and officially support.

MMU3 beta testers

Apart from our internal testing department, we have a team of fantastic external beta testers, who have been testing every step of the development thus far. Many changes made to the MMU3 were based on their feedback. We are now giving them the green light to start posting their experience with the MMU3, so you might start seeing pictures and videos of it online.
MMU3 integration in Prusa Connect

As we continue testing the MMU3 for the MK4, the Prusa Connect team has added new functionality. The MK4 can newly report to Prusa Connect if the MMU3 unit is connected. Prusa Connect is now also able to read the currently active MMU3 slot and display the information in the status bar.

Technical updates and resolved issues

Layer shifts - In our testing, we had problems with random layer shifts. These were quite rare, but since the print cannot be saved if the problem occurs, they were very annoying to encounter. The prints were clean with nothing the nozzle could crash into. The culprit turned out to be a bug in the firmware, occurring only when the MMU unit is connected. We believe we have fixed the problem in our latest internal firmware build. We continue to investigate the issue, to make sure the problem is completely eliminated.

Spool holders - The spool holders and filament buffer remain the only components where we are still doing significant changes. Our tests show that on the MK4, where the length of the unloaded filament  is slightly longer compared to the MK3S+, filament tension in the buffer and from the spool holders impacts reliability. We are testing different setups to see which work the best.

Enhancements to printed parts - Over the last period of testing, we have made several improvements to the printed parts. We are now printing the production version of these parts, but further testing is necessary to ensure they function without causing any new issues.

Wear of the Nextruder main plate - Lastly, we are investigating wear of a part which guides the filament from the drive gears into the nozzle tube. The wear is caused by repeated loads and unloads of filament. Without the MMU, this wear is insignificant. However, a single MMU print can have thousands of filament loads and unloads, increasing the wear rate. Once this part wears out, the printer is unable to properly push filament into the nozzle. We're testing different materials and manufacturing methods for this part to maximize its lifespan while maintaining functionality. It's possible this part will be treated as a consumable, requiring replacement every few months.

Shipping date estimate

We are committed to ensuring the MMU3 for the MK4 is a reliable and effective upgrade and we’re doing everything we can to begin shipping it by the end of March. Thank you for your patience.

Current lead time estimates for new orders

Updated: February 19th, 2024 

The dates are only an estimation at the date of update, specified above, and rely on the actual production. We're doing our best but please be aware that it can shift for the lead time products. We will update here and on the product pages accordingly.

The lead time estimate applies to standalone products, other products in the order may increase the lead time.


Lead time

Original Prusa MK4

In stock

Original Prusa MK4 kit

In stock

Original Prusa XL

10-12 weeks

Original Prusa i3 MK3S+

In stock

Original Prusa i3 MK3/S to MK3S+ upgrade
Original Prusa MINI to MINI+ upgrade kit

In stock

SL1S SPEED/ CW1S bundle

CW1S - (standalone)

3-4 weeks

In stock

Original Prusa SL1 to SL1S upgrade kit

In stock

Original Prusa MINI+ (pre-assembled parts)

In stock

Original Prusa MINI+ kit

In stock

Original Prusa Enclosure

In stock

Enclosure add-ons

1 week

MMU3 Multi Material Upgrade kit
(for MK3S+)

In stock

MMU2->MMU3 upgrade kits for MK3S+

In stock

MK3.5 upgrade

1 week

MK3.9 upgrade

In stock

MK4 upgrade

In stock

You can find your order shipping date in the order detail section in our shop.

All products purchased in our online store are currently being shipped from the Czech Republic, a member state of the European Union, customs charges may apply for shipments to countries outside of the EU! Please see our advisory article here.
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