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Selftest (SL1)

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Last updated 3 years ago
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When first turning on your SL1 printer, or after a factory reset, the printer will ask to start the selftest. You can also start the Selftest in the printer menu in Settings -> Calibration -> Wizard. The selftest checks the most important functions of the printer.

Selftest procedure checks

  1. Tank home check
  2. Tower home check
  3. UV led check
  4. Fans check
  5. Display test
  6. Tower axis check
  7. Resin sensor check
  8. Set timezone
  9. Sound test
If any issue is found on the Selftest, a screen with the error will appear with a QR code that will lead you to a troubleshooting guide.

Tank home check

The tank home check will start the selftest by checking the tilt for movement and if it can find the homing position. Any error in this process can generate the following message:

Tilt homing failed

Tilt check failed

Tilt endstop not reached

Tilt position invalid

Tower home check

The tower is also checked for the range of movement and home position. Any error in this process can generate the following messages:

Tower homing failed

Tower moving failed

Tower position error

UV LED check

After the mechanical checks for the tank and the tower, the printer will ask you to unscrew and remove the tank and the print platform. The UV LED will be checked.

Temperature sensor failed

Fans check

The SL1 has multiple fans. They are checked during the selftest, and if one of them has something blocking it, is not well connected, or has damage, the following errors can be presented, and in case this happens, the fan will be identified in the message:

Fan failure

Fan RPM not in range

Display test

The printer will ask if you can see the Prusa sign from the top of the orange cover. Do not open the orange cover, there is a UV light inside, which will cause damage to your eyes. In case you click that you cannot see the logo, you will see the following message:

Display test failed

Tower axis check

This step will check the tower axis for its full range of motion. In case there is an issue, one of the following messages might appear:

Tower endstop not reached

Tower check failed

Resin sensor check

After inserting the print platform at 60º, the resin sensor will be checked. In case the sensor is not found, the following error will be shown:

Resin sensor error

Set timezone

At this step, you can set the timezone for your printer. The step is optional.

Sound test

The printer will play a sound, and if you click that you cannot hear it, the following message will appear:

Speaker test failed

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