Not extruding at the start

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The first layer is the crucial one. Without the first layer properly laid down, it is virtually impossible to print anything. That’s why we have thoroughly described what to do when the first layer doesn’t stick to the heatbed in this article. But what should you do when the first layer does not appear at all?


  • Proper material/temperature settings – Always make sure to use the correct printing temperature for the given material. Don’t print PETG with PLA settings, for example!
  • Filament isn't loaded properly – Check if the filament was successfully loaded. If it isn’t loaded properly, you will be able to pull it out of the extruder with your hand without any force.
  • The nozzle is touching the heatbed – Double check whether your printer’s nozzle isn’t too close to the heatbed or even touching it. If it is, re-run the First layer calibration or simply adjust the Live Z to a less negative value.
  • Over-tightened idler  – This is usually given away by a clicking sound as described in the previous chapter. However, you can double-check the extruder idler even when there’s no unusual noise coming from the extruder gears.
  • Clogged nozzle – If none of the above solved this problem, check out the last chapter about a clogged nozzle.


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