Filament grinding

Updated 8 months ago ​by Tomáš Chvalina

Starting with the easiest one to spot. Filament grinding, which is accompanied by a “clicking” sound coming from the extruder, usually happens when the extruder gears are unable to push the filament further towards the nozzle. Over time, the gears grind away the filament, until they can’t grab it anymore.


In order to remove the filament from the extruder, open the idler door located on the right side of the extruder by unscrewing two bolts on the opposite (left) side. Now you are able to manually remove the filament using the supplied pliers.

  1. Overtightened extruder idler – Make sure that your extruder idler is properly tightened. If the extruder idler screws are overtightened, the gears will not push the filament properly. Check our video to learn how to adjust the extruder idler door correctly.
  2. Dirty extruder gears – Make sure that your extruder gears are clear of any leftover plastic. You can clear the plastic with a sharp corner of pliers or with a durable pin.
  3. Jammed PTFE tube – While checking the extruder gears, take a look at the PTFE tubes as well and make sure there is no debris in them that would prevent the filament from being loaded properly. To inspect the PTFE tubes, simply open the extruder idler.
  4. Clogged nozzle – If none of the above solved this problem, you might have a clogged nozzle. Check the last chapter to learn how to fix it.

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