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Object manipulation panel

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Whenever you have one or more objects selected, the Object manipulation panel appears in the right panel. 

Using the text inputs, you can quickly modify:

  • Position
  • Rotation
  • Scale factor
  • Size

The scale can quickly be set back to 100% using the orange reset arrow button.

When you’re transforming a modifier or a part of a model consisting of multiple parts, a handy place on the print bed button appears whenever the selected object is above or below the print bed.

If you switch from World to Local coordinates, you can use 3 quick mirror buttons.

Local vs World coordinates

In the Advanced and Expert mode, a switch between Local and World coordinates becomes available.

The local coordinate system is constant in relation to the object. The world coordinates are constant in relation to the print bed. That means an object’s size will change in the world coordinates as you rotate it, for example, around the Z-axis. The size in local coordinates is constant no matter the rotation around any of the axes.

Local coordinates (left) vs World coordinates (right)


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