Unpacking an assembled MK3S

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You have just received your new assembled Original Prusa MK3S printer, and you're wondering what should be your first steps? Wonder no more and check the article and the video we have prepared for you.

This video should be regarded as complementary material to the bundled 3D Printing Handbook (literally one of the first things you see after opening the box).
Before switching the printer on, always carefully read the paper version of the 3D printing handbook you found in the box with your printer. The latest version of the Handbook can always be found on our website in the Drivers section, Handbook column.


An assembled printer is already calibrated so that you could start printing right out of the box. Besides that, additional calibrations are available:

Z Calibration

Not to be confused with the XYZ Calibration. The Z calibration is part of the XYZ Calibration, but can be also performed separately.

This calibration has been done prior to the expedition of your printer, but during the transport, the X-axis position on the threaded motor rods might go off. This calibration is part of the unpacking wizard shown on the video. In case you accidentally skip it, it can be found in LCD Menu -> Calibration -> Calibrate Z.

Bed Level Correction

By the laws of physics, a heated print bed might not always be perfectly flat. Usually, the unevenness is small enough to be fully compensated by the PINDA probe during the standard Mesh Bed Leveling procedure. If that is not your case, no worries, we still got you covered. Just perform the Bed Level Correction calibration, following your Handbook or this article.


Find out more troubleshooting tips here: Community Forum | Assembly Manuals | Youtube channel | info@prusa3d.com

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