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Keyboard shortcuts

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Almost every function of PusaSlicer can be accessed via a keyboard shortcut. In addition to that, many functions have an alternative mode that can be accessed with a modifier key. They are a great time-saver and we suggest learning keyboard shortcuts at least for the most commonly used tools, such as the Move M, Rotate R and Scale S tools.

The list of all keyboard shortcuts can be displayed in the Help – Keyboard shortcuts window (or by pressing Shift+?).

Alternatively, you can hover over a tool icon and the keyboard shortcut will be displayed after a short delay.

On macOS, the Command (⌘) key is used instead of the Ctrl key.

Main window / commands

Ctrl+NNew project, clear plater
Ctrl+ O Open project STL/OBJ/AMF/3MF with config, clear plater
CtrlS Save project
Ctrl+ Shift+ SSave project as
CtrlR (Re)Slice
CtrlI Import STL/OBJ/AMF/3MF without config, keep plater
CtrlL Import just the Config from INI/AMF/3MF/GCODE
CtrlAlt +LLoad config from INI/AMF/3MF/GCODE and merge
CtrlG Export G-code
Ctrl + EExport config
Ctrl + UExport to SD card / Flash drive
Ctrl+TEject SD card / Flash drive
Ctrl + ASelect all objects
EscDeselect all
DelDelete selected
Ctrl + DelDelete all
Ctrl + ZUndo
Ctrl + YRedo
Ctrl + CCopy to clipboard
Ctrl + VPaste from clipboard
F5Reload plater from disk
Ctrl + FSearch
Ctrl1 Select Platter tab
Ctrl2 Select Print settings tab
Ctrl3 Select Filament settings tab
Ctrl4 Select Printer settings tab
Ctrl5Switch to 3D view
Ctrl6 Switch to Preview
CtrlP Preferences
CtrlJ Print host upload queue
Ctrl+Shift+IOpen new instance of PrusaSlicer
0- 6 Camera view
EShow/hide object/instance labels
Shift + ?Show keyboard shortcuts
Ctrl+ Mouse clickAdd model to selection


Shift + APartial arrange (arrange selection)
+ Add instance of selected object
- Remove instance of selected object
FPlace on Face
LSLA supports
HSLA hollowing
Page UpRotate selection by 45 degrees CCW
Page DownRotate selection by 45 degrees CW
Arrow Left/Right/Up/DownMove by 10mm
Shift + Any arrow keyMovement step set to 1mm
Ctrl + Any arrow keyMovement in camera space
Ctrl + Mouse clickAdd object to current selection
Shift+ Mouse dragBox selection
Alt+ Mouse dragBox deselect
Shift + Scale toolSnap by 5%
Shift + Move toolSnap by 1 mm
F+ Scale toolScale to fit (maximum scale)
Ctrl+ Scale toolScale only in one direction
KChange camera type (perspective/orthographic)
BZoom to bed
ZZoom to all objects
Z+ Selected modelZoom to selected model
IZoom in
OZoom out
Shift + TabCollapse/Expand the sidebar
Ctrl + MShow/hide 3D connexion device settings


Arrow Up or WMove active end of vertical slider up
Arrow DownMove active end of vertical slider down
Arrow LeftMove active end of horizontal slider left
Arrow RightMove active end of horizontal slider right
LShow hide legend
DelDelete selected
Ctrl+DelDelete All
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