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How to remove a stripped screw

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If you are trying to unscrew any of the screws in the printer, and the key keeps turning without releasing the screw, it means that the screw is stripped.

You might wish to drill the screw and using an extractor if you have experience using these tools. If you do not have experience, do not attempt it, and follow the tips below.

Do not follow internet tutorials if they are not specific for electronics or sensitive parts. Methods specific for woodworking might damage your printer.
If you have a strong magnet, you can attach it to your Allen key to remove any possible debris and help with the screw extraction.
  1. Different Allen key: you might be using an incorrect Allen key, or the tool might be damaged. Try using the other side of the Allen key. This can happen especially for the smaller screws.
  2. Better grip of the screw: if the head of the screw is damaged, you can place something between the head of the screw and the Allen key to make the grip better. The most commonly used material are wide rubber bands, but others things can be used: latex gloves, aluminum foil, steel wool. Make constant pressure towards the screw, and slowly turn the key until the screw is out.
  3. Pliers: if you can see the head of the screw, try to firmly hold the head of the screw with pliers, and rotate the pliers until the screw is loose.
After removing the damaged screw please throw it away to make sure you will not use it again.
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