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High temperature print head (HT90)

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The Prusa Pro HT90 comes with a high-temperature print head that can be installed in the printer.

The default on the printer is the High-flow print head.

The print head can reach temperatures up to 500 ºC, covering most available materials, including PEI (Ultem). Additionally, the nozzle is abrasion-resistant.

The print head features a manual flap adjustment for the cooling air, allowing you to control the airflow from fully closed to fully open.

Before starting a print, the printer will display the recommended flap adjustment based on the loaded GCode.


The high-temperature print head has a 0.6mm Revo high-temperature, high-flow, abrasion-resistant nozzle. The nozzles are composed of copper with a hardened steel tip, and coated with chromium nitride.

The nozzle can be changed by screwing and unscrewing by hand, no tools should be used. For that, follow the instructions here: Nozzle replacement (HT90).

  • Recommended cleaning methods:
      • Cleaning filament
      • Warm pull
      • Cold pull
      • Brass brush for the outside
  • Non-recommended cleaning methods:
      • Needle
      • Steel wire brush
      • Brow torch

The hardness of the HT-Abrasive coating can cause small particles to detach from the bristles of the brass brush and create dusting over the nozzle. This will give the nozzle a brass-coloured sheen. However, the coating itself is still very much intact, and there will be no compromise to wear performance.

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