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Geometrically precise objects

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Last updated 2 years ago
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Mechanical parts, objects that should fit together, joints, pegs, and similar things need to be printed precisely. While SLA 3D printers are more suitable for printing organic shapes, geometric shapes and assembly parts can be printed as well. The key here is to place supports strategically along the edges of the object

The reason is simple: when printing with liquid resins, the cured material is still relatively soft, which means that the object can bend very slightly during platform movements. Also, most resins have a tendency to shrink a little bit after being cured by UV light, which can result in slightly warped edges of the printed object. Again, a good number of supports is key.

When printing non-organic shapes, use the manual support placement tool to place thicker supports along the edges of the object

Also, remember, when printing objects directly on the platform, the first few layers will usually develop something we call an ‘elephant foot’ – as the first layers are cured, the material will expand a little bit, creating an uneven surface. This is why using the Pad is recommended.

As already mentioned, the print will always take the same amount of time no matter how many objects there are on the print platform. The total time is defined by the number of layers to solidify. Use this to your advantage: if you have a complex object with tricky orientation, place multiple copies on the print platform and rotate each object in a different direction. This will help you to save time.

Print the object in various rotations at the same time to quickly find the optimal orientation – the printing time will remain the same

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