Changing or replacing the nozzle

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To replace the Olsson Ruby nozzle, follow the instructions on the official 3DVERKSTAN website. Otherwise, you could damage it!

How to change or replace the nozzle

The following procedure applies to all nozzles, the nozzle diameter does not make any difference.

Before you start:

  • Make sure no filament is left in the hotend before proceeding, perform a cold pull.
  • Preheat the nozzle to 275 °C (LCD Menu - Settings - Temperature - Nozzle). Heating the nozzle is essential for this process
  • Be extra careful around the hotend thermistor leads. You can break them off easily.
CAUTION: Heated parts can cause severe burns! 
  1. Gain better access to the nozzle by moving the extruder axis as high as possible: Go to LCD Menu - Settings - Move Axis - Move Z. Use the Knob to set the height.
  2. Unscrew the screw on the fan mouthpiece and the two screws on the print fan. Remove both parts.
  3. Remove the two front screws on the nozzle fan.

  1. Hold the heater block with a 17mm spanner (M10) or with pliers and unscrew the another pair of pliers. You can also use a 7mm (M4) spanner or nut driver. Be careful, the nozzle is still hot!
  2. Make sure that the set temperatures (250-270°C) didn't change. Still hold the heater block with a spanner or pliers. Carefully screw the new nozzle in and tighten it carefully (the torque is 2.5 Nm) using the pliers, 7mm (M4) spanner or nut driver. Remember, there is supposed to be a small gap between the nozzle "head" and the heater block.
  3. Reassemble the extruder, insert the filament and you are ready to print.
Always make sure the nozzle is not loose in the heater block (from the other side, the heatbreak must be also tightened all the way in). However, there must always be a small gap in between the nozzle head and the heater block.


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