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Changing the print head

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Last updated 17 days ago
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The Prusa Pro HT90 can be used with two print head configurations. The printer comes with a high-flow print headhigh-flow print head that can print materials up to 300 ºC. For printing industrial materials such as PEI, PEKK, and PEAK, the high temperature print head with a temperature limit of 500°C is required.

Removing print head

  1. First, unload the filament from the nozzle and cool the print head to below 50°C.
  2. Extend the door to the maximum height.
  3. At the top of the printer, behind the HEPA filter, there is a holder for the cable bundle and the air hose. It is fastened with one screw, which should be unscrewed using a 2.5mm hex key.

  1. Pull the entire holder downwards.
  2. Now, using a 2.5mm hex key, unscrew the screw from the air hose and cable bundle holder.

  1. After unscrewing it, split the holder into two halves.

  1. Hold the print head with one hand and carefully disconnect the arm from the ball joints on the head with the other hand. This will release the entire print head.

Installing print head

  1. On the new print head, lubricate the ball joints with a small amount of PTFE lubricant.
  2. Hold up the print head and connect the arms to the ball joints.
  3. Join the two parts of the holder on the air tube and cables bundle.
  4. Now, using a 2.5mm hex key, screw the two parts of the holder.
  5. Carefully push the air hose and the cable bundle in their holders behind the HEPA filter. Use a using the 2.5mm hex key to tighten the screw.
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