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Magnetic heatbed on our MK2.5, MK2.5S, MK3, and MK3S enables you to use flexible, removable steel sheets. As the popularity of this setup is growing, many users have both the powder-coated spring steel sheet and the smooth PEI spring steel sheet, switching between them in accordance with what exactly they need to print.

Both sheets have their advantages: in general, the smooth PEI surface offers better adhesion. 3D models with a small base or sharp corners are less likely to detach during printing. On the other hand, the powder-coated steel sheet is useful for printing with materials such as PETG, CPE, or Flexfill (TPU), which can be easily removed from the powder-coated surface. The textured surface also hides all potential imperfections of your first layer.
It is important to know that each type of steel sheet requires a different Live Z value (= first layer height), the smooth PEI spring steel sheet being approximately 200 - 400 μm thicker than the powder-coated spring steel sheet.

Introduced in the firmware version 3.8.0, there is now a new section in the Settings menu, called “HW setup”. It allows you to create up to 8 specialized profiles for your printer setup. You can then easily switch between the sheets (profiles), and the printer will load the stored values.

How does it work

To set up the individual sheet profiles, please head to the LCD Menu -> Settings -> HW setup -> Steel Sheets:

There are currently eight sheet profiles available with predefined, but customizable names. Note that by default, each sheet has the same factory settings.

For each sheet, the following settings are available:

  • Select - confirms the selection of the sheet, which will then become the default
  • First layer calibration - starts the First Layer Calibration process for the given profile
  • Rename - enables you to change the name, up to seven characters
  • Reset - sets the values back to the factory defaults

As soon as two or more profiles are configured (by the First Layer Calibration), you will be able to quick-toggle between them directly from the main menu.

When upgrading firmware to version 3.8.0, the original Live Adjust Z value is copied to the first steel sheet profile.

Renaming of the sheet

After selecting the Rename option in the sheet profile menu, you can change up to 7 characters of the profile name. The word "Sheet" cannot be changed; it is the "Smooth1", "Textur1" etc. that you can customize.

You start from the left and move to the right. By turning the knob, you are changing the characters, and by clicking it, you confirm the current character and move to the next one. When a character position is redefined, a small chevron mark will appear underneath it.

There is no way to delete or erase a wrongly selected character, but you can always restart the renaming procedure.
Don't forget which profile you have attributed to which plate! Always carefully watch your first layer and in case the nozzle is too high or too low, stop the print and fix it either by setting the correct profile or by modifying the Live Z.


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