XYZ Calibration details

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Starting with the firmware version 3.0.12, more detailed information about XYZ calibration results becomes available. This feature can be found in LCD Menu - Support - XYZ cal. details

The first screen tells you the distance of the “perfect” position of your front 1st, 2nd, and 3rd calibration points. Ideally, all of these are positive and at least 0.5 mm or more. If the margin is between 0 and 0.4 mm, then there is a chance that your calibration will not be successful ("XYZ calibration compromised" error). 

In order to improve your results, you should adjust your threaded rods so that all of the points can be reached during the calibration process. When you get your axes perpendicular or just slightly skewed, nothing needs to be tweaked as the printer will perform with the best accuracy. To achieve the best results, aim for the smallest possible difference between Left and Right numbers (see the picture below). A difference of up to 0.1mm is considered good.

Pressing the knob will take you to the second screen. This screen identifies how far you are from the perfect perpendicularity. It is measuring the skew of your X/Y axis.

  • Over 0.25° = Severe skew compensating for the offset of 1.1 mm on 250 mm length 
  • Between 0.25° and 0.12° = Slight skew compensating for the offset of 0.5 mm on 250 mm length 
  • Under 0.12° = No need to compensate, X/Y axis are perpendicular. Congratulations! 

It may seem that the compensations are not that significant. However, if we take into consideration the 250 mm X-axis length, 1.1 mm is a large margin. In order to improve your axis perpendicularity, make sure the difference in the front calibration points distance is minimal, as seen in the picture above.


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