Stopped extrusion mid-printing

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A problem with extrusion can rarely happen mid-print without any previous warning signs. This can result in a missed layer or the extrusion can even stop completely. There might be several causes, although low-quality filament is often the main issue.


  1. Low-quality filament – certain low-quality filaments are the most common cause of skipped layers or even a clogged nozzle. If you keep running into trouble with extrusion, try a different filament.
  2. Filament runs out – The easiest one to spot, you simply ran out of filament. Users of Original Prusa i3 MK3 shouldn’t encounter this issue since the filament sensor will pause the print when this happens.
  3. Errors in the object’s geometry – Always check the generated G-code in the Preview of our PrusaSlicer. In case you find any gaps or broken geometry, you can either repair the STL object yourself or you can use one of our previous guides where we show How to repair corrupted 3D objects. PrusaSlicer can repair a broken STL model automatically, try right-clicking the object and selecting Fix STL through Netfabb.
  4. Heatwave – Ambient temperatures play a huge role in 3D printing. In case your region is currently experiencing a heatwave, try to maintain the surrounding temperature for your printers below 27C.
  5. If nothing else works, try to print with a higher layer height (lower detail).


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