MK3 EINSY miniRAMBo electronics wiring

Updated 11 months ago ​by Tomáš Chvalina

With our Original Prusa i3 MK3, we are introducing a brand new EINSY miniRAMBo board. Compared to its predecessor, it utilizes brand new 24V Trinamic drivers, allowing for super silent printing. Plus, they enabled us to implement a skipped layer detection mechanism.

Electronics wiring

The MK3's electronics wiring isn't very complicated. However, organizing all the cables can be a bit challenging, so we recommend not rushing it. Take your time with proper assembly and cable management to avoid incorrectly connected plugs or even damaged cables.

If there are any issues with your printer's wiring, they will be most likely discovered by the Selftest (MK3) or when running the initial Wizard. For your quick reference, we're attaching a picture with the correct wiring schematics below. However, to fully diagnose a problem with the printer's electronic parts, we recommend going back to Chapter 8 (Electronics assembly) of the assembly manual.

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