i3 MK2 Calibration error messages

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XYZ calibration is the decisive moment which will tell us how well you have assembled your printer. Essentially it Is measuring the skew of your X/Y axis and compensation for any imperfections. Essentially it is giving us two sets of error messages [compromised/failed] more about that in the following article. 

Initial calibration

During this 1st process only the 4 main points are being measured. That is the Front, Right, Rear and Left one. 

In the 2nd round all 9 points are being diagnosed. All of the compensations are then being stored to non-volatile memory .

What does each of the error messages mean?

"XYZ calibration failed. Bed calibration point was not found." = Printer was unable to perfectly locate the initial calibration point.

"XYZ calibration failed. Please consult the manual." = Calibration point was not found at all.

"XYZ calibration failed. Left front calibration point not reachable."
"XYZ calibration failed. Right front calibration point not reachable."
"XYZ calibration failed. Front calibration points not reachable."

= Printer was unable to find Left, Right or Front calibration point. 

"XYZ calibration compromised. Left front calibration point not reachable."
"XYZ calibration compromised. Right front calibration point not reachable."
"XYZ calibration compromised. Front calibration points not reachable."

= Your printer was able to finish the whole calibration process. However your Left, Right or Front calibration point was just in the middle of passing the calibration or failing it. That means that you should be able to use your printer. Yet it would be wise to check out the following tips. How to improve your XYZ calibration.

!If you have ended up with "XYZ Calibration failed..." please follow the instructions bellow!

Improving your XYZ calibration

If you would see any of these error messages. Then most likely there is something wrong with the assembly of your printer. So please do following:

For people who just recently updated their FW versions. Go to LCD - Calibration - Reset calibration. Sometimes older data are compromising the calibration.

  1. Make sure that you have followed the instructions on the LCD precisely. Especially make sure that your X-axis was moved to the top. Otherwise your X-axis might not be perfectly level. 
  2. There is nothing blocking the movement of any of the Axis.
  3. Double check that your got 100mm (3.937inches) distance between the Y-corners and the frame.

  4. Go to LCD - Calibration - Auto-home. Your PINDA probe then must end in the centre of the 1st calibration point and the last one (check out the photo bellow).

If your PINDA probe did not end up perfectly within the circle. Then there is a shift within your X/Y axis. For details how to proceed. Please follow up with P.I.N.D.A. Probe Misaligned article.

In case none of the above have solved your struggle with the XYZ calibration. Please contact us to info@prusa3.com. At best, create a short video of the XYZ failing with brief description.

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