LCD screen not working

Updated 4 weeks ago ​by Tomáš Chvalina

Before you start checking the LCD, power down and unplug your USB cable if connected. Open the electronics covering and examine the MK2/MK2S miniRAMBo electronics wiring or MK3 EINSY miniRAMBo electronics wiring.

Strange/garbeled letters on the LCD or LCD is blank

  1. Make sure that the LCD cables are properly plugged to the miniRAMBO board or the EINSY miniRAMBo (make sure to use the daughter board if this was supplied with your MK3). Also make sure that the red cable is the top one.

  2. Make sure that the LCD cables are not badly warped or damage.
  3. Make sure that the LCD connectors are making good electric connection on the miniRAMBO board or EINSY miniRAMBo

Last thing before contacting is to unplug both of the LCD ribbon cables. Laying them down on a flat surface and gently stretching them. Then plug them back and see if it makes any difference.

If you see squares on the LCD

  1. Check that you have uploaded to the proper firmware version. 
  2. Re-flash your firmware and make 100% sure that you are uploading proper firmware for your device. More information about Flashing firmware can be found in Firmware upgrade and flashing.

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