Increasing PEI adhesion

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In some special occasions, like a tall object with a very small contact area with the print surface, you might need to increase the adhesion. Fortunately, PEI is a very chemically resistant polymer and you can temporarily apply other adhesion solutions without damaging it. This also applies to materials which would not stick to PEI otherwise, like Nylon. 


Before applying extra adhesion to the bed, consider using the Brim option in Slic3r PE or PrusaControl which increases the surface area of the first layer. 

You can easily turn this feature [on/off] in Prusacontrol where it has a default setting. Or you can use our Slic3r PE  where you can do it yourself. Generally, it is advised to use at least 3mm of a brim.

You should be using the brim option when you are printing:

  • Tall objects with a small base.
  • Multiple objects at once.
Brim in Slic3r PE in the preview


Glue is a great tool which easily increases the adhesion. There is no special glue for 3D printing, so you can use a basic glue stick. However, as we already have PEI surface, there is a little need to use any glue at all. From our experience it is only needed with:

  • PETG/Nylon - to protect your PEI sheet.
  • Other more exotic materials which do not ever stick like basic materials.
You can easily wipe the glue off with Window cleaner or Dish soap water.


PEI can lose its adhesive powers after a couple hundred hours. Wipe it thoroughly with acetone when you see models getting loose to restore the adhesion. 

Do this procedure only occasionally. As overuse of acetone will actually make PEI brittle.

ABS juice

For ABS prints, ABS juice can be used and later cleaned with pure acetone. Be very gentle when applying the juice and do so while the bed is cold. Prints will attach very strongly. 

Prepared juice can also be purchased in our e-shop. Unfortunately, UPS service does not allow us to deliver any acetone-based products via air transport due to shipping constraints. In that case, you get only the bottle of ABS from our e-shop and you have to source the acetone locally. 

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