PID tuning (Hotend)

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PID tuning is a great feature which can be used when you are experiencing a variation in temperature readings of your nozzle (e.g +/- 5 C°)

If you are experiencing major temperature fluctuations higher than +/-5°C, check if your hotend thermistor is properly seated in the heater block and plugged to your miniRAMBo or EINSY RAMBo board first.

How to do PID tuning

Since firmware version 2.0.12. it is an integrated (yet optional) calibration, which is super easy to perform. It can be found in the LCD Menu - Calibration - PID calibration.

You can follow these steps: 

  1. Once you open the PID calibration menu, you will have to set temperature for which the calibration will run. 
  2. Set the temperature with which you print the most as it will be tuned/ calibrated for this one the best. However, general stability will improve at all temperatures.
  3. After that, the nozzle will heat up to the set temperature in 5 cycles. During these cycles, it is mastering the amount of power needed to reach the temperature and maintain it. 
Be aware that PID tuning is not a solution for all of the temperature fluctuation issues. Always make sure that your printer is located in a room with stable ambient temperatures, more about that in Thermal Runaway and Temperature Drops.

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