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NTP Server (MINI)

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Last updated 3 years ago
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Starting firmware version 4.1.0, the Original Prusa MINI is able to get the current time using the NTP servers (Network Time Protocol). This feature requires an active connection to the internet and brings a great addition to the running print.

An offline printer reads the duration of the print from the G-code and displays the remaining time on the screen (red arrow left picture). However, when the printer is online (purple arrow right picture) and acquires the current time, it calculates with the print time from the G-code and displays the estimated time of completion.

Printer not connected to the internetPrinter connected to the internet
NTP client sends requests to the server once an ethernet connection is established and then updates its inner clock from the NTP servers every hour.


The NTP servers are not able to retrieve the time zone your printer is in. In order to see the correct time, please navigate to the Settings -> TZ UTC (+/-) and set the number of hours, which will be added or subtracted from the NTP server time.

For example, our HQ in Prague are UTC+2h, therefore the time zone settings have to be adjusted by +2 hours. More info on finding your time zone here.

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