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Last updated 4 years ago
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3D printers have their own vocabulary and words for describing their various parts and functions. If you are doing maintenance or about to seek help online, it is necessary to have the right words to describe your issue or problem. We have put together a list of words with explanations, covering most parts of the printer.

You can identify all parts using the 360 viewer [進行中の翻訳].
Part of the vocabulary for the MMU2S includes the glossary of the i3 series.
Idler - Rotating printed parts with bearings, applying pressure to the selected filament, to the pulley.
Selector - Movable part with the Bowden-tube, directing the selected filament to the extruder.
F.I.N.D.A. sensor - Filament-sensor of the selector.
Extruder motor - Rotates the idler.
Pulley motor - Rotates pulleys.
Selector motor - Moves selector.
Indicator LEDs - Indicates filament position and unit status.
Control buttons (Left, right, and middle) - Controls functions and position of the selector.
IR filament-sensor - Filament sensor on the extruder.
Chimney (IR-sensor-holder-mmu2s) - Holder of IR filament-sensor on the extruder.
Tension-screws - Two spring-tensioned screws applying pressure between pulley-body and idler-body.
Blade - Inside the selector, cutting potential strings left in selector upon changing filament.
Controller board - Main-board, with control buttons, USB-input, reset button, and input for motors and Finda.
Bowden Tube - Long PTFE-tube between MMU2s-unit and extruder.
Firmware - Control software of the unit.
Reset-button - Hard-resets the unit independent of printer.
Wipe-tower (Purge-tower) - Part of print, built up by purged material during filament/color changes.
Filament buffer - Filament organizer mounted at the base of the printer (picture below).

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