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Broken UV LED panel #10322 (SL1S)

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Last updated a year ago
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What happened?

The printer is displaying the message: A part of the LED panel is disconnected.

Error name: Broken UV LED panel

Error code: #10322

This error shows that part of the LED panel is not properly connected. This can happen if one of the cable connectors is loose, if the cable is damaged, or if one of the wires is loose.

How to fix it?

Open the eight M3x5b screws securing the cover. Be careful to unplug the USB & Power cable before removing the cover completely.

Check if the UV LED cable connection to the UV LED assembly and to the Boost board. Make sure that both connectors are pushed all the way in. Check the cable for any damage, and if any of the wires are loose from the connectors.

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