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XY position invalid #17106 (XL)

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Last updated a year ago
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What happened? 

During XY probing, part of the Tool Offset calibration, if the offset in one of the tools is out of a range of acceptable values, the printer will show the message "Probed XY position is # mm from expected. This is more than allowed difference of # mm". The values in mm will be shown instead of the symbol #. This error prevents a tool collision with neighboring parts of the printer. 

Error name: XY position invalid

Error code: #17106

How to fix it? 


Ensure that the nozzle is correctly positioned in the Nextruder, tightened against the Nube if you are using a Prusa Adapter and that it is as clean as possible from any residue. Also, ensure that the nozzle is not bent. 

Collision with the calibration pin key

If the nozzle crashes onto the calibration pin key, it can trigger the error. Ensure that the dock is not loose and that it is not between the locked and unlocked positions. 

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