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Unknown printer model #10323 (SL1/SL1S)

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Last updated a year ago
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What happened?

The printer is displaying the message: The printer model was not detected.

Error name: Unknown printer model

Error code: #10323

This error happens when the printer cannot identify if the printer is the Original Prusa SL1 or SL1S SPEED. The model of the printer is determined by the exposure display.

How to fix it?

Update the firmware again

If the error appears after updating the firmware and the printer was previously working fine, please download and flash the firmware again using the supplied USB stick (not OTA). Please see our dedicated article for details.

Checking the display's connection

If updating the firmware again does not resolve it, it is necessary to check the print display's connection and its cable. Open the bottom cover from the printer, being careful of the USB & Power cable.




Check if the display is well connected to the board and that the cable is facing the outside of the printer, not stuck behind the electronics holder.

Connection on the SL1Connection on the SL1S
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