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Unexpected MC error #10306 (SL1/SL1S)

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Last updated a year ago
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What happened?

The printer displaying the message: The motion controller has encountered an unexpected error, please restart the printer.

Error name: Unexpected MC error

Error code: #10306

How to fix it?

There is a communication protocol between A64 and MC. The MC has not replied what it should. It can signal multiple problems.

  1. It can be a bug left in the production code.
  2. It can be some random malfunction of the A64 or MC. i.e. some EMI, loose contact.
  3. It can be a permanent failure of the A64 or MC. i.e. some inputs burned, or the MCU getting stuck due to being damaged.

Please contact Customer support to determine the faulty component.

How to replace the part?

How to replace the A64 board (SL1)

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Still have questions?

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