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Print fan is not spinning

Last updated 3 years ago
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The print fan is the fan blowing on the printed object, right below the nozzle. Depending on the material and where you are in the print it might not always spin at full speed or at all. There is also an error in the firmware connected to the fan not spinning. If you did not receive any error but the fan does not spin, you will probably find the solution in this article.

MK2/S, MK2.5/S, MK3/S/+ print fan (green circle)MINI/MINI+ print fan (blue arrows)
You can easily test the print fan function from the LCD menu -> Settings -> Temperature -> Fan speedAlways test with at least 50% power (value 127-255). When you select the speed, confirm by pressing the knob.

PrusaSlicer settings

The print fan is never used during the first layer of any material. It will start from layers 2-4, depending on the material profile selected. For example with PLA, the print fan is spinning at 100% all the time until the print finishes. For ASA and ABS, the fan is turned off completely for the first 4 layers then will only spin at 15-20%, with a slight increase when printing Bridges. At very low speeds the print fan can be almost inaudible.

PLA settings - Fan always 100%ASA settings - Fan only 20% at fewer layers.
To see the cooling options in PrusaSlicer you must have it set to Expert mode.

Further checks

Make sure that the fan is:

  • Plugged into the right location
  • Plugged in in the correct orientation
  • Plugged in completely and making good electric contact

If the fan still doesn't spin up, you can unplug it from the electronics board and test it with the 12V DC (MK2/S) or 5V DC (MK3/S/+) power source. If the fan spins up with an external power source, check the electronics for your printer and its fuses:

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